Friday, March 25, 2016

The Mia Halter

OK...first, lets just take a moment and appreciate the pinch-worthiness of those cheeks!!!

Alright, alright, on to the dress...
I got to test the new Mia Halter pattern for Little4Awhile and I had so much fun with this one!!

Its absolutely perfect for appliques, in this case I went for a little Minnie Mouse number for my neighbors little girl because they were about to head to Disney World.  And lets face it, I just couldn't let her go to Disney without a cute dress.

Such a fast and easy sew.  And I love when patterns use elastic in the back instead of ruching.  Ruching is cute, but oh I hate doing it!!!  Using the elastic in the back is just as cute but without the headache and horrid  irritation.

And I couldn't help myself, I had to make some little bloomers to go under! All together now....AWWWWWW!!!

She loves you all too...

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  1. Aww it's really cute! Love that eyelet lace trim!