Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oh, the CUTENESS!!!

Man, I love this combo! And she sure seems to also. ;)

 I participated in the Sew-along for the Blaycie's skinny pants over at Create Kids Couture's Facebook page and had a blast.  I have had this pattern for quite a while and it was a major on my fall sewing to do list but somehow in the craziness that was Christmas prep it just never happened......until now! 

 The sew along finally got me to make them and I'm so glad, because they are sooo cute!  Miss Kallie is right at the edge of the size 3s so I chose to go up to the 4 so these will last her all the way into fall.  

I paired it with a slightly modified version of the beloved Kimber's dress, also by CKC.  Who can pass up the perfect twirl of this pattern?!?!   This girl LOVES to twirl!

I gave it shorter sleeves and a shorter skirt to make it more of a peplum style top.  With the purple piping on the pants to coordinate with the purple hearts of the top, it really is the perfect pair.

AND.....one more shot of the cutie just for fun....

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