Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Introducing.....Petite Stitchery & Co

Three lovely ladies have joined together to create a new pattern company and man did they start off with a bang!  They've just released 7 patterns in the first ever Fall Collection of Petite Stitchery & Co.  Every piece can be mixed, matched and layered to create endless possibilities and two of them, the Maize and the Ruby can even be mashed together to create an additional look as well.  I actually got to test 2 of these goodies myself, much to Kallie's delight, and we loved both of them.

I made the Maize for starters.  This pattern has so much you can do with it.  It starts as simple as you would like, but for fun you can choose from 2 extra hem designs beyond the basic straight hem as well as dress length or tunic length.  There's a fun curved hem that is longer in the front and back, but curves up on the sides.  The hem I chose to do is the very popular Hi-Lo hem in the tunic length.


Oh, that sweet face!....Sorry, getting distracted.

I was so excited that the pattern offers a pocket option.  To be honest, I had never sewn pockets before but I was ready to face my fear and take on the challenge.

To my great relief and Kallie's joy, they were a piece of cake.  The tutorial is easy to follow and they come together almost effortlessly.  And what kid doesn't love picking up rocks and treasures everywhere they go and taking them home.  This way the rocks are in her pockets not mine!!  Major bonus!

Maize has two closure options for the back.  A tie back or, as I chose, an adorable button.  It also has three sleeve lengths, short, 3/4 and long.

Come on, are these sleeves not the CUTEST sleeves you've ever seen?!?!  Ugh, I can't get enough of them!  They have the sweetest puff to them without being overwhelming at all.  Just the right touch of little girl sweetness.

Adding the extra details is where your personal style can really shine with this pattern.  Ribbons, lace, appliques, embroidery, buttons.... anything and everything you want.  I chose some really cool wooden buttons and this beautiful crocheted lace I found to add to the bodice and then I couldn't resist adding it all along the bottom hem.  It adds such a lovely finish to the edge.

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Fawn leggings....

I've made my decent share of leggings during my time sewing and I absolutely must say...This is the best fitting legging pattern I have ever made Kallie.  I've tried patterns that have the hem around the ankle so tight that it is a full on struggle to get them over her heel.  Others that are baggy in the legs or so tight they look like they're cutting off her circulation.  And my least favorite...where the crotch was poorly designed with so much pull on the fabric and the crotch of every one of that pattern I made ended up with a whole in the crotch during the first time they were worn.  So frustrating and a total waste of fabric and time.

Thankfully, the Fawn leggings are a perfect fit.  They stay up, actually fit her legs and she can get them on by herself without a two man team to force them over her heels. And the crotch doesn't tear a hole when actually worn!!!!! This is seriously the only legging pattern I plan on ever using from this point on.

Now, I chose to make the plain leggings for this outfit, but the pattern comes with a really fun tuxedo stripe version as well.  A lot of the testers made them and I loved them!  Such and great way to use up some extra fabric scraps you have laying around.

All 7 of the patterns in the Fall 2016 Collection are on sale through Sunday and they are absolute must haves for your pattern hoarding.  Do Not Miss Out on these! You can even join their Facebook group to get a look at even more of the amazing outfits put together by the testing group. I already have Kallie's Christmas outfit planned using these same patterns.  I'm so excited for it.  The fabric is going to be a beautiful pain in my butt, oh but it'll be so worth it!