Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Peek-a-boo patterns' Junior Joggers

My favorite pattern company, Peek-a-boo Patterns, just released a new pattern and its adorable!  

The Junior Joggers has got to be one of the fastest patterns I've done in a long time.  This pair I made up for Kallie is the very simple version of the pattern and it seriously took MAYBE 20 minutes.  And I'm typically on the slow side.  With a solid Grand Slam tee to layer with, she had a new outfit before breakfast.  Pretty awesome in my book.

The coolest part...she found them so comfy she actually kept the whole outfit on the entire day.  Usually she'll go through 3 to 4 outfits a day so this speaks volumes.

I made Colten a pair with the optional pockets and asked him if they were comfy.  His response..."YES! I wanna wear them every day and every night ALWAYS!"  Alrighty then.  I take that as a solid vote on the comfort factor.

This boy will not take his hands out of these pockets either.  He loves them.  They were so easy too.  I was pleasantly surprised and the tutorial was great.  A good steam iron is definitely your best friend with these.  Wash Away Wonder Tape would help too if you have a machine that likes to make knits wavy.

Pause for some snowflake catching.....

It's been snowing for the last 2 days but refuses to stick, boo.  But with snow on my mind, I plan to whip up plenty more of these for layering under other pants in the cold Minnesota winter we have headed our way.  The speed in which these come together and band at the ankle make this the perfect pattern for winter layering even if its not the original intention of the pattern.  But patterns that can multi task are by far my favorite.

The Junior Joggers comes in sizes Newborn - 6.  Make sure you grab the pattern today while its still on sale!

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