Friday, April 8, 2016

The Samantha & Sammy Swing Tunic and Dress Patterns.........LOVE!!!!!!

HELLO Mommy and Me sets!  Kallie absolutely loves it when I make us matching clothes and now I have the perfect pattern to do it with.  The Samantha and Sammy Swing Top and Dress patterns by Laela Jeyne are so great and the options are almost limitless!

  I feel so lucky to have gotten to test these.  Usually when I try an new pattern for myself, be it purchased or one I'm testing, I never love it quite as much on as I had hoped I would and I'm a little disappointed in the fit.  But after I made the first Samantha I tried it on and actually got giddy.  It fit great and I loved it!

The first one I made was a Hi-Lo Tunic with cap sleeves.  I absolutely love how its nice and fitted at the top and then flares out to be loose, comfy and so flattering.  Most patterns just do basic short sleeves which are fine and all but I loved having the option of cap sleeves.  They're just more feminine.  I'm by no means an overly girly girl, I don't have an obsession with shoes or jewelry.  I don't were ruffly things, but these cap sleeves are just the right amount of feminine to make it feel like a NICE shirt instead of just a tee shirt.

I used Rayon/Spandex from Joann's...definitely my favorite fabric.  So soft with plenty of stretch and the perfect drape for this pattern.  I wish ALL my clothes were made in this stuff!

Kallie's first Sammy was also the Hi-Lo style tunic with cap sleeves.  I think she approves.  :)
The second I put this on her she would NOT hold still.  She instantly started twirling.  It fits her beautifully and pairs perfectly with legging.

But I couldn't stop there.  I had to try more options...

Next, I tried the regular top hem and elbow sleeves.  I couldn't believe it, but I actually love this top more than the first one!  This is seriously my favorite shirt now.  Again, the chest area is perfectly fitted so it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a big shapeless bag but lose, comfy, flattering, and very forgiving at the bottom.  I'm always happy when a pattern includes elbow length sleeves, they're my go to favorite.

I even made another Mommy and Me set, though I never got pics of mine or us together...we got a new 2 month old puppy and lets just say its been crazy!  I did catch a few of the little lady in hers though.  This one is the cap sleeves again but with the regular hem.

Once again she approved!  You know how I can tell?
The twirling...

and twirling...

and more twirling...

With a hand stand attempt thrown in for extra pizzazz.


These patterns are so great whether you just make for yourself, just for your little Miss or for both.  You just can't go wrong. It has regular hem, hi-lo tunic, hi-lo dress and regular dress length options.  Cap, short, elbow and long sleeve options and a racerback option.  And regular neck or Cowl neck. which will be so perfect with the long sleeves come fall time.  The Samantha pattern ranges from XS to XXL and Sammy goes all the way from 6M to 14!

They're both on sale through Sunday at 11:59 pm EST so don't miss out!  The sale price for Samantha is $6.50 and Sammy is $5.60 or you can get the bundle package and get both for $11.50.  Plus, all other single patterns on the site are 30% through Sunday at 11:59 pm EST, as well.

Be sure to also check out these other ladies' amazing versions!!

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